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Translation Czech/English English/Czech

Czech version czech version

Translations from/into English – general and/or technical texts.

Professional Specialisation
  • Pharmaceutical technology (design, validation, operation)
  • Pharmacy (clinical testing, registration)
  • Chemistry (analytical, in-/organic)
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry, biotechnology
  • Food processing technology

Translation Format

Text processing (tables, graphics) using MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) etc.
Printed form using either A4/A3 ink jet printer (in colour as well) or A4 laser printer.

Possibility of performing the translation as a computer presentation (in MS Power Point) including graphical editing and animation.

  • by mail
  • by e-mail
  • delivery (Opava and surroundings, incl. Ostrava, 6 cz.crowns per km)
Delivery terms: depending on a text scope and mutual agreement.

Price List
Translation from English to Czech 230 - 280 cz.crowns /standard page according to the text complexity.
Translation from Czech to English 250 - 300 cz.crowns /standard page according to the text complexity.
Standard page is a page of A4 format with a text of 30 lines and 60 characters per line (1800 characters in the text editor MS Word).
Additional charge: for a rapid translation including overnight work 30 %, graphical editing 10 %.


Send the text to be translated
  • by e-mail: (all the day) or (in the morning)
  • by mail/directly to the address:
Ing. Alexandra Kolašínová
Rolnická 36
747 05 Opava
Czech Republic
Telephone: +420553613793 (in the evening)
Mobile phone: +420737776726

IČO (Identification Number) 62290762
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